Andrew McNicol

From Mozart to Joni Mitchell – the commissioned choreographer for The Fonteyn 2024 selects his favourite music.

Dance Gazette | Playlist | Issue 10 – June 2024

1 Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 

Powerful, profound and deeply moving. I was introduced to this work by an important mentor of mine and later created a ballet to this music for BalletX in Philadelphia.

2 A Case of You by Joni Mitchell

I adore Joni Mitchell: the simplicity, poetry and honesty. Her body of work seems to be filled with a nuance and wisdom from a life fully lived.

3 My Way by Frank Sinatra

This is a piece of music that I have listened to throughout all the seasons of my life. The lyrics and the delivery say it all.

4 Sea Interludes by Benjamin Britten

Peter Grimes was one of the first operas I ever saw and I remember the first time I heard the Four Sea Interludes, I felt it would be perfect for a new ballet. Years later a close friend reminded me about them and I subsequently created a new piece for the Royal Ballet School that became my first work performed on the ROH main stage.

5 Songbird by Eva Cassidy

An artist gone far too soon. The unaffected purity, beauty of her voice and rare capacity to interpret a range of work, as if it was always written just for her. Timeless.


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