A day to remember

Workshops and masterclasses at Members’ Day 2024.

Dance Gazette | Inside RAD | Issue 10 – June 2024

Members’ Day 2024, held at the RAD on 21 April, was a huge success, welcoming over 150 members on-site and 600 members remotely from around the world. 

Karen Hauer, star of Strictly Come Dancing, gave an energetic Latin masterclass, while artists from Jasmin Vardimon Company explored dance and virtual reality. Members also enjoyed performances from SYNC (the RAD’s Step Into Dance Company), English National Ballet School and Jordan James Bridge of Studio Wayne McGregor.

The day saw a variety of informative and inspiring workshops on topics including: musicality, contemporary dance with Rambert Grades, teaching Silver Swans, yoga and stress management and Character dance.

Insightful panel conversations and presentations on the power of language (see ‘In other words’ ) in this issue, injury prevention and the RAD brand, and the RAD’s 87th AGM was held during the day. There was even a chance to see what an RAD exam from 1923 would have looked like!

Among the highlights of the day were the first-ever RAD Awards recognising the contributions of RAD teachers. Congratulations to Rebecca Yates (Dance for Wellbeing Award), Mariah-Jane Thies (Innovation in Dance Award), Marta Comas Utiel (Championing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Award) and Natalie Hall (Community Engagement Dance Teacher Award). Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Dance awards have been presented to Paula Hunt, Margaret Graham-Hill and Virginia Parkinson.


Workshops and events at Members’ Day. Photo: David Kaplowitz

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Fresh brand for a fresh era

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Opportunity knocks

Goodbye spotlight, hello Power Point: Alexander Campbell, the Royal Ballet Principal, is the RAD’s new Artistic Director. He tells David Jays that he’s excited for the role ahead.

Naomi Campbell modelling for Dolce & Gabbana in 2023. Her training in dance is key to her supermodel skillset. Photo: Antonio Calanni/Alamy

Walk the line

Eyes up, swaying hips, no smile. Fashion models have used the same fundamental walk to showcase clothes for over a century. But how easy is it? Veronica Horwell joins a catwalk workshop.


In other words

The words we use and hear in dance classes can have a lasting impact – for good and bad. Lyndsey Winship explores how teachers can harness the power of language.

Big Picture post

Fresh brand for a fresh era

Why has the RAD refreshed its brand – and what ideas and emotion does the refresh convey?


Take your shot

The Fonteyn famously helps dancers grow. But how can the competition share opportunities more widely? Isaac Ouro-Gnao reports on the bursaries making The Fonteyn accessible.

RAD Q&A post

Natalie Hall

RAD teacher Natalie Hall won an RAD Award for her ballet classes for the cancer community. But how does dance help cancer patients?


Testing times

100 years on from the first RAD children’s exam, Rosemary Waugh looks at how exams have changed, and how their fundamental principles hold true.

Advice Bureau post

Jasmin Vardimon

Explore and feed your curiosity, urges the acclaimed choreographer.


Breaking point

Dance features in the Olympics for the first time this summer, when breakers compete for medals in Paris. But how was breaking chosen, and what will be the impact on the art form? Kaelen Jones reports.

Why Dance Matters post

Misty Copeland

The superstar ballerina launches the new season of the RAD podcast.

Playlist post

Andrew McNicol

Favourite music selected by the commissioned choreographer for The Fonteyn 2024.

Tim Talks post

Values added

In the first column in his new Dance Gazette series, Chief Executive Tim Arthur reflects on the RAD’s new set of values – and explains why he’s always ‘happy to help.’