Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Composer and cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson has scored a new dance-infused show for the Manchester International Festival. But what music makes her dance like no-one is watching?

Dance Gazette | Playlist | Issue 1 – June 2021

1 Beep Me 911
by Missy Elliott ft. 702 & Magoo

Anything by Missy and Timbaland is a definite for me. I think it’s the high-hat rhythm, but it’s infectious and makes me feel so good! I start moving in mysterious ways and instantly imagine myself being this badass street/hip-hop dancer. Living my dreams with this one.

2 Jamming
by Bob Marley

A completely different groove, but this song makes me feel so rooted and spacious in my body and soul. I love love love letting go and vibing to this one.

3 Rise Up Riddim 
by Ayanna Witter-Johnson

This tune was born out of a song of mine called Rise Up. It’s an instrumental vibe that takes the heart of Rise Up, a dancehall rhythm and just focus in on the groove. It really lights me up and totally connects me to my body.

4 Tous les mêmes
by Stromae

I absolutely adore the French language and I love Stromae. This song is my favourite of his and totally makes me dance like no-one is watching. There are so many genres all rolled into one. I hear the Caribbean, pop, dance and French chanson all at once – glorious! 

5 U Don’t Know Me
(Like U Used To)
by Brandy

Brandy was one of my RnB sheroes growing up and she’s still a queen! I used to love dancing to this song, and still do today when I want to move and feel good in myself. The beat and syncopation are so strong, it’s hard not to move to it. I would love to hear this performed live with a drum ensemble – incredible! 

Ayanna Witter-Johnson composed the score for
The Global Playground, a production for children and families
by Theatre-Rites at MIF21 from 2–18 July. mif.co.uk

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