Alice McArthur

The gold medallist in The Margot Fonteyn International Ballet Competition 2021 shares the music that makes her want to dance.

Dance Gazette | Playlist | Issue 3 - Feb 2022

1 Von deiner Güt from The Creation by Franz Joseph Haydn

I have been rehearsing a very beautiful pas de deux by Uwe Scholz to this music so I have been listening to it over and over. It is emotional and uplifting, and takes you to another place. The choreography and the music work together so well: the choreography enhances the music and the music enhances the beautiful choreography.

2 Prelude from Cello Suite No 1 in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach

I chose this piece for a contemporary choreography which I was lucky to perform recently at Die Staatstheater Stuttgart. I love Bach and I love the cello. It is so atmospheric, and it makes me want to dance. This prelude has a great beginning and end and lots of light and shade in between. It is a good length for a solo which made it great to choreograph to, but I really like the whole suite.

3 Rain, In Your Black Eyes by Ezio Bosso

I like the rhythm and builds in Ezio Bosso’s music and I used this for my Dancer’s Own solo in The Fonteyn.

4 All She Wrote by Six60

Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom had a big impact on me growing up. I saw myself in it in many ways. I would make up dances to this track over and over and pretend to be Scott from the movie. I went on to direct and choreograph the stage adaptation as my West End debut, which was a very special full-circle moment for me. I like listening to New Zealand music when relaxing as it reminds me of home and it is really good. Six60 is great (I’m also a big fan of Lorde).

5 Easy On Me by Adele

This is number one at the moment. Epic singer and epic song.

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