Dada Masilo

As The Sacrifice, Dada Masilo’s new work based on The Rite of Spring, begins a UK tour, the South African choreographer selects some favourite music.

Dance Gazette | Playlist | Issue 6 - Feb 2023

1 Pietermaritzburg by Felix Laband

This reminds me of Pietermaritzburg, one of those amazing places in South Africa. It is the capital and second-largest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

2 Neli Walking by Paul Hanmer

Paul Hanmer is a South African composer that I’ve been listening to since I was quite young and Neli Walking is from his album Trains To Taung.

3 Looking Back by Bob Holroyd

Looking Back is something we use to beef up our Tswana dance moves.

4 Loch Raven by Animal Collective

I really love Animal Collective, they’re an American experimental pop band.

5 Drumming by Steve Reich

This is number one at the moment. Epic singer and epic song.

Dada Masilo leads the cast in The Sacrifice at Dance Factory Johannesburg. Photo: John Hogg
‘I wanted to explore ritual,’ says Masilo about The Sacrifice. Photo: John Hogg
The Sacrifice. Photo: John Hogg


A trailer for Dada Masilo’s The Sacrifice.

The Sacrifice tours the UK from 21 February–12 April.

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